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Exciting news! The Glee cast will release “Glee: The Music, Deleted & Unreleased album”. The album features a lot of songs we heard, and also a lot of songs we didn’t hear yet.

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Darren Criss wrote Japanese language!

The blogger in Japan received Darren’s autograph. Darren also wrote Japanese characters, hiragana as above. (The blogger in Japan is thrilled about that received a polite reply. I’m glad to see his hiragana too. :)

—-The following is what Darren wrote.—-

どうもありがとう!!!  (=>It means “Thank you very much”.)

Darren Criss :)!

Thank you Mr. ****

Your letter was very special.

I wish you & your family

love best!


(a post with permission of the autograph owner)

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